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Signmaking Accessories

For smooth, professional sign shop operation we offer you a selection of amazing tools and sign making accessories to maximize your production potential. Don't get left behind. Arm yourself with the right tools, and compete with the best. Watch your profits soar! It's so easy. Order from SignEquip now. Items usually ship within 48 hours.

Featured Accessories


Galaxy Digital Clam Heat Press -
15" X 15"

This heat press is easy to operate, with the digital time and temperature readout and over-the-center pressure adjustment. The upper flotational platen provides a flat, even surface. The high quality heating element is forged into the platen to get even heating.


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What can it do for you?  Keeps your extra-wide roll stock stored properly horizontally and off the floor to retain integrity and uniform thickness, while preventing damage.

See more floor racks below


Vinyl Roll Storage Floor Rack - 60"
This sturdy, priced-right rack properly stores ten 60" rolls or multiples of smaller widths. Holders lift at either end for easy insertion and removal of rolls.

Portable Model w/castors
$797 CAD  

Stationary Model
$697 CAD 

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'Sign-Shop-in-a-Box' - Maximizer Version
Get off to the right start.  Explode your business right out of the gate!

  1. 5 x10yds. = total 50 yds. 3 Mil Intermediate Grade 24" Vinyl (white, black, red, blue, & yellow) OR 10 Rainbow Rolls (total 50 yds. 3 Mil Intermediate Grade 24" Vinyl - black, white, & colours subject to availability)

  2. 1 roll 6" application tape

  3. 2 squeegees

  4. 1 pr. tweezers

  5. manual slitter 

  6. Coro-Claw™ cutter

  7. 1L (approx. 34 fl.oz.) Rapid Tac.

  8. JanusWeeder II

  9. and more...! (See added bonuses below.)

Please specify in comments section whether you prefer 5 rolls of vinyl, as described above, or 10 Rainbow Rolls - either choice gives you 50 yards total.  If you do not indicate your choice, we'll ship at our discretion.

What can it do for you?  Gets you started with all the basics for vinyl graphics application and removal.  Saves you the frustration of making that list for your first job.


Added Bonus:
FREE sample Vinyl-Off 10-4
YelloBlade - Orange is an effective vinyl graphics removal tool.

$459 CAD   


Click here for more vinyl choices.




yel-Low Safety Dolly What makes this heavy-duty floor dolly unique is the post system it employs. Posts can be used vertically to carry sheet goods or thin objects, like ladders, without the user having to balance the load. The post system can also be used horizontally to expand the carrying base up to 6.5 feet for carrying desks, filling cabinets, etc. There are 14 vertical and 8 horizontal positions for multiple configurations. Cart dimensions: 30″L x 25″W x 5.25″ H. (10 posts included.)

 Sits close to the floor and runs on sturdy casters. Easy to transport to the job site!

Introductory Offer
(1 Only!)

                $597 CAD                   


What can it do for you?  Helps you move large, awkward, and/or heavy stuff all by yourself, easily. Once it's loaded, you can guide and glide it smoothly from one place to the next.


BodyGuardKnife is the fast and easy way to cut through only the paper backing of a self-adhesive vinyl. Not to mention, it's dangerous as well, due to the potential for damage to graphics.  From now on, this part of your job can be stress free.

It's made with a solid steel shaft, protects your graphics and delicate surfaces with a special teflon contact strip.  The teflon also allows the the knife to slide across the adhesive side of the vinyl, giving you a clean and easy cut through the backing.

$99.97 CAD    






BodyGuardKnife Duo makes it easy to cut through only the paper backing of a self-adhesive vinyl. Not to mention, it's dangerous as well, due to the potential for damage to graphics.  From now on, this part of your job can be stress free. 

Our BodyGuard Knives protect your graphics and delicate surfaces with a special teflon contact strip.  The teflon also allows the the knife to slide across the adhesive side of the vinyl, giving you a clean and easy cut through the backing. 

This is the deluxe version of the BodyGuardKnife, featuring a larger "bike grip-like" handle, as well as an adjustable blade bracket, which allows you to choose the cutting direction:  "push to cut" or "pull to cut".

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for pricing


Appfix - Premask Applicator

Wrinkle-free premasking with application tape up to 70cm (27.5 inches wide) is easy and flawless with "Appfix 70", the premask dispenser we designed from extensive customer feedback. Made with simple one-person operation in mind, it not only makes error-free premasking elegantly simple, it also increases efficiency.

Therefore you can produce more, in less time while elimiating wrinkles and stresses that affect the quality of your vinyl application.

For an efficient sign-making workflow, you need to get it right from the beginning to the end. With "Appfix 70" you will! Because error-free vinyl application begins with great vinyl and digital print masking.
  • Ball-bearing mounted rollers for ultra-smooth delivery
  • Includes fastening brackets
  • Designed for easy one-person operation
  • Fixing-brake can be adjusted manually


What can it do for you?  No adhesive or marks on your vinyl from tape or elastic bands.  Quicker and easier to apply and remove than tape or elastic. Saves tossing out up to a foot of material every time you unroll it.  Saves time! Saves you money!

Speedclips end the struggle with tape or elastic bands.  These handy clips hold your roll stock safely on the core without leaving imprints or color residues on your vinyl. The large one holds onto a 50-yd. roll. The smaller (regular) one holds your leftovers on the core. Both come with a ‘quick release’ handle.

  • High quality plastic guarantees long-life
  • Very flexible and reconformable
  • Convenient "Release Handle"
  • Doesn't leave imprints on the product
  • Doesn't leave color residues on the product
  • Each set incl. one large and one regular size.
    Set of 2
    $9.97 CAD



    Take it with you.  It's all there!  And it's organized!
    Holds blueprints and business cards too!

    What can it do for you?  Keeps all your small application tools together and organized in one place.  Also, ready to grab at a moment's notice when you need to take your tools, business cards, and blueprints with you.  Allows you to stay calm and saves you time.

    The YelloCase Kit contains all the small tools you could ever need for vinyl graphics application - 18 tools in all, plus spare blades.  Incl: pencil, weeders, knives, spare blades, BladeBreaker, tweezers, squeegees, measuring tape, bubble popper, also business card &
    blueprint storage.

    If your tool storage is looking like your junk drawer, YelloCase is the solution you're looking for.  If you need to carry your tools with you, YelloCase is the solution you're looking for. Keep everything tidy and organized in this handy, carry everywhere case.

    Full Kit

    Empty Case Only

    Call or Email
    for pricing


    Floor Rack Roll Holder has a compact footprint, stores 44 rolls of vinyl, and can be easily relocated if desired.  Sturdy powder coated steel.  Easy to assemble.  Holds full 50 yard rolls up to 30 inches wide.  74H x 32W x 18.5D.

    $597 CAD  



    What can it do for you?  Keeps your smaller (up to 30") roll stock visible, handy, organized, and moveable if necessary.





    What can it do for you?  Keeps your smaller (up to 30") roll stock visible, handy, organized, and safely off the floor.

    StrongArm Wall Racks
    conveniently store up to 16 rolls of vinyl and other roll goods onto unused wall space above your cutter, over your work area or any location that keeps your vinyl within easy reach. It comes fully assembled and securely supports full 50 yard rolls up to 30 inches wide (mounting into studs is required; mounting hardware not included). Made in the USA from powder coated steel. 5-year guarantee.

    $227 CAD   






    Intecel PVC Sandwich Board (32"h x 24"w)
    Super smooth, white, PVC construction and sign surface.  Withstands the worst weather. Won’t deteriorate or rot.  Complete with 12” hinge handle.

    $99.97 CAD    



    Double-Sided A-Frame Sign Holder (36"h x 24"w)
    Affordable, sturdy metal sign holder.  Stock up on these!

    $99.97 CAD    


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    Vinyl Graphics Removal Accessories


    YelloBlade - Orange is an effective vinyl graphics removal tool.

                $9.97 CAD                    

    Simply amazing!  Staff choice!






    Vinyl-Off Vinyl and Adhesive Remover Liquid
    is a revolutionary new product that practically melts the vinyl  and adhesive off.  This is incredible, really!  It's also biodegradable and non-toxic!  What's more, the super affordable price can't be beat for what is normally a challenging job!  If you need to strip vinyl from any surface you'll want to try this product. 

    More amazing info...

    Watch it in action!
    Click here to see Vinyl-Off video!

    Available in 2 economical sizes
     Click here to order








    STEP 1. Remove decal with heat lamp or heat gun.

    STEP 2. Spray glue residue with Rapid Remover and let penetrate for 30-60 seconds.

    STEP 3. Using a squeegee, scrape to remove glue residue.

    STEP 4. Spray Rapid Remover on a paper towel and wipe surface clean.

    STEP 5. Rinse surface with Rapid Tac Application fluid or water. Rapid Remover is water-soluble.


    Rapid Remover is an environmentally friendly solution for removing nasty adhesive residue left by decals and vinyl graphics. It's water soluble, non-toxic, and capable of disintegrating and removing sticky residue within 60 seconds! For fast, easy, non-damaging removal on bare metal or painted surfaces just spray it on, wait up to 60 seconds, and remove with a plastic squeegee. Perfect for automotives. 
    (Caution: If you're sensitive to strong scents, this may not be the product for you.  Recommended to try Adhesive Off above.)


    32 Oz. w/sprayer
    $ 44.97 CAD           

    128 Oz.
    $99.97 CAD           


    contact us...


    Vinyl Application Accessories


    What can it do for you?  2 tools in 1 - makes it handy.  Need I say anymore?


    JanusWeeder II gives you a high quality mini knife and a bubble popper in one handy little tool.

    $34.97 CAD

    Red Felt Squeegee (3" x 4")
    Double bladed and pliable, allows for safer application of pressure sensitive materials.

    $19.97 CAD    




    YelloBig 12" Squeegee w/White FeltPad is a large plastic squeegee  for smooth, non-marking application of vinyls.

    $29.97 CAD    



    3M Gold Squeegee (3" x 4")
    Double bladed and pliable, allows for easier application of pressure sensitive materials.

    $14.97 CAD 




    Vinyl Squeegees
    are made from durable 4-inch wide nylon that glides smoothly over vinyl and transfer tape.




    FeltPad White - 6" provides a protective edge for your 6" squeegee.

    $5.97 CAD  



    TeflonPad - 6" provides a smooth gliding edge for your 6" squeegee.

    $5.97 CAD   



    What can it do for you?  The rounding on these Felt Blocs makes it easier to apply selective pressure on uneven places or to express air from lanced bubbles.

    Half Moon Felt Bloc 050 is an easy to handle, high performance half moon shaped felt squeegee for safe application of your prints without stretching, creasing, or scratching on all types of surfaces. It has a hardness of 0.50 g / cm ³.

    Call or Email
    for pricing

    Half Moon Felt Bloc 055 is a harder version of 050 with a hardness of 0.55 g / cm ³.

    Call or Email
    for pricing




    YelloBrush is a rivet brush and a popping tool. Extra convenience to speed up the job when applying vinyl over rivets.

    $29.97 CAD  


    Rivet Brushes
    are an essential tool for applying 
    vinyl and printed graphics to commercial 
    vehicles. By heating the graphic areas around 
    rivets with a heat gun, then burnishing it in a 
    circular motion with a Rivet Brush, your graphics 
    will conform perfectly to  the surface, assuring 
    superior and long-lasting adhesion. 3/4-inch round nylon bristles on  5-inch wooden handle.

    $29.97 CAD   





    Weeding Tweezers
    6 - inch stainless steel weeding tweezers.

    $14.97 CAD each     


    contact us...



    Other Sign Making Accessories



    Sign Mounting Standoffs - Stainless Steel

    3/4" diameter x 1-1/4" - Each

    1" diameter x 1-1/8" - Each
    $3.97 CAD    


    Olfa Knife (Chrome) - Best quality retractable Olfa knife with sturdy steel handle.

      $20 CAD     





    What can it do for you?  Protects your eyes and everything else from break-off blade fragments.


    Blade Breaker is the ingenious solution to an irritating problem.  When snapping break-off blades, it catches and stores the blades and fragments in the attached container.

    $34.97 CAD 






    What can it do for you?  Keeps your tools in the right place, on your person, so you don't waste a lot of time searching for them.


    EasyCord's strong return system holds your tool in the right place so it's always close at hand!  The spring clip is made to hold up to 5 ounces, with a 3.4 feet towing cord.  Attaches to belt or belt loops.

    $22.97 CAD  



    Pro Steel Safety Rulers
    Steel is the perfect edge for razor straight trimming.  Your blade slips along the steel with dead-on accuracy.  The stainless steel edge is low and flat, so your blade won't wobble.  This amazing straight edge has the best elements of the Safety Ruler, plus a wider hold down base and a new, thinner non-slip backing with a more powerful grip. The tool steel is .069" thick by 1.25" wide. It's joined to the base and protrudes from the side of the ruler. 

    Affordably priced to save you money!  Trim fast - Trim straight - Save your fingers with your Pro Steel Safety Ruler.

    $139 CAD    

    $197 CAD   

    $249 CAD   

    $297 CAD   





    Manual Slitter

    $34.97 CAD   

    Manual Slitter Blades - 5/Package
    Your Price:
    $26.97 CAD  



    (Please note: Table not included.)


    Cutting Mats
    You don't have to struggle anymore. Trimming digital prints and sheet goods has never been easier! The super size, self-healing mat is perfect for your production tables. Now you can cut razor straight on this thick, seamless mat. Make a cut, then another cut a hair away, mat doesn't gouge so every cut is flawlessly straight.

    Cutting Mat 4’ x 2’
    $149 CAD   

    Cutting Mat 4’ x 8’

    Same as above, only bigger for your convenience!


    Call or Email
    for pricing

    Cutting Mat 5’ x 10’

    Call or Email
    for pricing

    Cutting Mat 4’ x 12’
    Super-size your cutting mat for those really big jobs!

    This size is special order only.






    Corrugated Cutter
    This is an absolute must if you work with corrugated PVC products! Make your life easier. The Coro-Claw™ flute knife allows you to cut along  the flutes or score along the flutes to make a stand or cover. It has an angled blade that makes it easier for cutting full sheets.

    $39.97 CAD 



    This tool easily cuts the radius corners into rigid foam- and aluminum bonded-panels, PVC, laminate, paper, and more. You will be extra happy about round corners in your magnet signs!!! The maintenance free punch-knifes are very tough and replacing them is very easy. From now on you can punch through 3mm (0.1 inches) thick aluminum bonded panels without any effort. Doesn't that sound great?  Comes with 1/4 radius die. Please allow approx. 1 week for delivery.  Different exchangable die available.

    Call or Email
    for pricing

    You'll never have to struggle without the appropriate sign manufacturing accessories, supplies, or tools again, if you order from SignEquip now. Looking for something not offered on this site? We'll do our best to get it for you, or let you know where you might find it.  We love to help you.  We're with you every step of the way. For one-step service we'll answer your questions, and you can place your order over the phone.

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