Ezy Taper 101

Today, I'd like to share with you something we hear over and over and over again at SignEquip - "I hate my laminator!"  This is probably the #1 complaint we hear from sign and graphics operators.  For those of you who are doing print lamination, and most of you are these days, I'm sure you can relate to this.  Well, I'm pleased to inform you there's a solution to this problem.

We've discovered a laminator that eliminates the problems - actually, it would be a travesty to call it a laminator, because it's so much more than that.  We call this unique, innovative machine an Applicator, because that's exactly what it is.  It applies overlaminate to prints, prints to substrates, premask (transfer tape) to graphics, graphics to substrates, and so on...There's really no limit to what this machine can stick together, or even pull apart, for that matter.

I promise you this isn't hype, so please give me a chance to explain. Frankly, I've been frustrated lately, because I've noticed there's very little honesty and transparency in advertising or government. Since you deserve the truth, I'm going to be completely honest and transparent with you.  The reason we're carrying this machine is because it really is that good!  I know we're warned that if something seems too good to be true, it probably is.  However, once in a very long while, something comes along that's almost too good to be true.  And this is definitely one of those times.

The reason we're selling this machine is because when we first saw it operating 3 years ago at the ISA Expo in Orlando, we recognized it as the solution to all your laminating woes.  As a laminator reseller, we've sold different brands of laminators during our 36-year existence, and they all have similar problems.  Laminating has been one of those bottlenecks in the production process.  It's often hit and miss - botched jobs and waste are common - and it's time-consuming.  Besides, using one laminator for multiple purposes can be even more frustrating and waste even more time.

I'm being completely honest when I tell you the reason we like to sell this machine is because it solves the usual problems.  PLUS (and this is a big one too) it does more than ANY other laminator on the market today!  Itís not just another laminator! 

More honesty, the reason we requested the exclusivity from the manufacturer to be the only reseller in Canada and the U.S. is because we recognized the potential to profit from this machine.  And the reason you see so many exclamation marks in this article is because we really are that excited about what this machine can do for you - we were when we first saw it, and our excitement hasn't waned over the 3 years we've been selling it.  Our clients, who've purchased this machine, will vouch for it - they're still excited too.  (You can see some of their comments on our website.)  They're our best sales people when they drop by at a show where weíre demonstrating it.

Now, I'll cut to the chase as quickly as possible. This machine works fast and flawlessly.  From what we've experienced and what we've been told by our client operators, it works about 10 times faster than any other laminator!  It's always a one-person operation, even with large substrates (the model with the height-adjustable stand makes it really easy to use your own tables).  Changing processes, for instance, from laminating to print mounting, takes barely a minute or two. You can even run rough and sharp materials through the unique rollers, day in and day out, without damaging them! You wonít do that with ANY other laminator. 
The learning curve is very fast and easy, especially for print mounting and premasking.  The learning curve for laminating is slightly more involved, but either way, following the step-by-step instructions in the many videos, and/or our .pdf version (for laminating) produces a perfect result - NO wrinkles, NO creasing, NO bubbles, NO tunnels, and NO stretching.  You can even pause or stop in the middle of mounting or laminating, to answer the phone and take that next order, without a line or a crease!  It's a simple matter of following the steps!  A little practice and you're ready to go.

I mentioned rough substrates.  It conforms amazingly on rough and uneven substrates, for example, diamond plate and over rivets, even using a non-conformable vinyl.  The secret's in the unique rollers.  The rollers are self-adjusting, so there's no fiddling to change between thin and thick substrates.  You can even run a finished sign through the rollers, with the post(s) already mounted! This eliminates having to touch up the rivets - another time-saver.

To address a question that always comes up: What about silvering?  Many of you have been instructed to use heat-assist to eliminate silvering.  I'm going to warn you to NEVER, EVER use heat on vinyl laminate!  This is the only way other laminator manufacturers have solved the silvering problem, but it's what causes most of your other lamination problems, such as excess stretching, tunneling, and bubbles. 

Those other laminators have a tendency to stretch the laminate in the first place, but heat only makes the problem worse. When laminate applied in this fashion finally relaxes - and it will - if not sooner, then later, after it becomes the property of a not-so-satisfied customer - it shrinks back, causing tunneling, lifting, etc.  I'm sure you know what I'm talking about.

Silvering is caused by the release of gases in the adhesive. The possible minimal silvering, occasionally produced on this cold Applicator, will dissipate within 24 hours.  It may look ever so slightly disturbing to the perfectionist, but it won't be there by the next day.  Therefore, it's really nothing to worry about.

Now, are you ready for it?  What is this amazing machine I've promoted in such magnificent terms?  Those of you who are familiar - who've seen a demo, read our ads, checked our website, or already own one - will realize I've just presented Ezy Taper 101! Okay, the title already gave it away.

Yes, we honestly are excited about the difference this machine can make to the success of your business.  If we ever decided to sell only one machine into this industry, we would choose Ezy Taper, because there's nothing else that can make the huge difference it can make.  Unlike other laminators, which use old paper laminating technology that's been modified for use in the sign industry, Ezy Taper has been designed from the ground up by an Australian sign fabricator for the sign industry.  The designer's name is Warrick Pye.  He designed the Ezy Taper 10 years ago, and in 2004, he won the silver medal at the prestigious Geneva Inventor's Exhibition.  Many of you have met him.

In the interests of transparency, there's one more thing I'd like to cover, and that's the price.  First of all, in my opinion, the Ezy Taper is NOT expensive.  It's certainly affordable, when you consider what it can do for you, and when you compare it to that expensive $20,000.00+ flatbed - you know the one I'm talking about.  It does more for you than that can, with the added savings of needing only one operator. 

Still, there are a few who question the price, possibly because of the manual operation, even though the most expensive model is only about 1/3 the price of the aforementioned flatbed. Yes, it is manual, which surprises people. This is on purpose, because it's much faster and more reliable than any electric powered machine.  Every simple turn of the handle moves the substrate and media through the rollers 1 foot - 4 quick turns and you've done 4 feet!  It requires such a light touch, even a child can easily turn the handle.  Maybe it's not cheap, but how will cheap boost your business?  So, I'll tell you, the money is in those miraculous rollers - just in case you were expecting it to be less than it is - for some reason. Besides, it goes both ways, because itís those rollers that will bring the money in for you!

What weíve seen, and what weíve heard from Ezy Taper owners, is that the simple addition of this one machine to a sign and graphics business makes production way easier and exponentially faster!  (Read Customer Reviews).  Taking it from our nearly 40 years experience in this industry, if youíre really serious about making a difference in your business, itís time to seriously consider adding Ezy Taper to your production line.

If Iíve missed answering any of your questions, please call, email, or fax SignEquip now to ask one of our friendly, helpful client service reps more about this amazing machine. And remember to watch the videos by going back to the Ezy Taper page and clicking on the link.